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3-Fold Approach 

Curriculum, Environment, Interactions


Curriculum is an important component to Butterfly Landing’s program and philosophy. I have created a theme based curriculum tailored for the ages enrolled. I utilize art and literature to teach about math and foster scientific reasoning skills (ex. patterns, sequences, counting with collage).  Art and literature also play a large role in teaching young children about earth science and their environment as well.  It is true…a book can take you anywhere! Sensory skills are also fostered….all through art and literature!

All ages can benefit from a well-rounded curriculum!
Infants benefit from hearing simple stories, poems and songs and the positive one on one interactions that occur while reading. Young toddlers enjoy making handprints and painting cut out shapes that coincide with the curriculum theme and story. Preschoolers and Pre-kindergarteners are learning about letters and creativity.


Children learn through play and exploration.  The environment at Butterfly Landing is child centered. 


There are child sized tables and chairs in the kitchen, playroom and living room that facilitate self help skills for young toddlers on up!


Colorful floor mats are used throughout as well as many different toys that are rotated to keep things new and fun! 


Books and art materials are always available and accessable to children. Educational table top toys and manipulatives are used throughout the day as well. 


The children are playing and learning in a comfortable home environment at the same time! 


Curriculum and Environment are brought together by positive Interactions.  


Whether it is a fussy infant who needs extra tlc, a young toddler trying to do something for the first time, an older toddler learning how to share, a preschooler/pre-kindergartner working on writing or cutting skills….gentle, positive adult interactions are crucial.


Here at Butterfly Landing, your child will be encouraged, praised and nurtured.  As an Early Educator, I understand that the children are learning emotional awareness through all facets of the day. 


I always tell my little friends…”Let’s not say I can’t! Let’s say I can always try!!!”  One of the benefits of a family child care program is that many ages are learning and interacting together. Positive peer relationships are fostered through everyday sharing and activities!

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