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About My Program

“Let’s not say I can’t! Let’s say I can always try!!!” ~Miss Laura

Welcome to Butterfly Landing Family Child Care!


I strive to provide parents, guardians and children with a fresh educational approach to family child care.  As a dedicated Early Childhood Educator since 1998, I know the importance of providing a comfortable, consistent and nurturing routine and environment for you and your child during these early childhood years. 

Here at Butterfly Landing, your child will be encouraged, praised and nurtured. As your child grows, so will my program and curriculum!


I provide age appropriate toys and activities to help foster skills for each developmental level - ages infant and older. My routine and curriculum are theme-based and there is a balance of activity and free play time throughout the day. Choosing Butterfly Landing will provide your child with a consistent routine, fun opportunities for socialization and educational activities. 


I believe teachable moments occur all day and that children learn most through play!

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